Tras la lluvia literaria

tras la lluvia literaria(...)

I found my dearMàrius Mollà in La herencia de la Tierra, although at that time I did not know who had written that marvel. El sueño de la ciudad, El mar de los hombres libres y El taller de los libros prohibidos followed in the wake of emotion and quality of his first film, and now, when facing El maestro,I realize that I am facing an unusual narrative talent. When one lavishes such skill on such different novels, it doesn't matter what name you publish under, because readers will undoubtedly appreciate the splendid ingredients with which you have formed the plot. In his most recent bet, the Catalan author appeals to our duty as citizens aware of the future and puts his finger on the sore spot in one of the thorniest and most current issues: education.

Beyond the fantastic moral, sharp and accurate, the plot has some exceptional companions that make it an excellent and unique work that goes from more to much more: credible and magnetic characters with whom we immediately connect, an impeccable narrative



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