The banned books workshop

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«Others like him made copies of dangerous books. Their dissemination was questionable from the point of view of the moral imperatives of the time, but the same people who imposed these morals were the greatest clients. The only option was secrecy. Nobody, absolutely nobody, could know anything. » Cologne, on the turn of the 15th century. An atmosphere of reform and change beat against a Europe still governed by frauds and old-fashioned beliefs. The spread of knowledge is a power held by the few. However, a small group of wise people and the highly educated meet in the most absolute secrecy, brought together by a common goal: the cultural communication of a people. How? Through books. However, first they must deal with the reluctance of the church, which does not want that these “dangerous” works like those of the Evangelists reach the masses, and those of the nobles who do not want to lose their privileges. Only one man, a humble silversmith named Lorenz, with the help of his daughter, he will be able to meet the challenge. Although the price to be paid for such daring is of the highest sort: his life and of all of those that surround him. An intense and epic novel in which ambition, cruelty, and intolerance war against knowledge, justice and truth. A novel in which we submerge ourselves and allow the magical current, which surround books, take us away.




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