Volveremos a Macondo. Juan Pedro Martín Escolar-Noriega

volveremos a macondo

You have to wait a long time to find a book like El maestro, the first novel published under his real name Màrius Mollà, since in his previous works he signed them with his pseudonyms of Andrés Vidal and Eduardo Roca.

The teacher narrates the story of some brave men who wanted to put an end to the secular education of the Church in Spain and give the teaching of our boys and girls a scientific and rational character, separating from it all mystical and supernatural notions, to achieve with the instruction and formation of the intelligence, the development of character, the culture of the will, the preparation of a well-balanced moral and physical being much more practical than theoretical and based on the great natural law of solidarity.

These idealists followed the illusions of the famous Spanish libertarian educator Francesc Ferrer i Guardia who was sentenced to death by a court martial that unjustly accused him of being one of the instigators of the events of the Tragic Week in Barcelona, and who picked up the modern tradition , initiated by Rousseau in the 18th century, which was contrary to authority and religious worldview, to adapt it to anarchism and free thought that flourished in industrial cities. For this, he created La Escuela Moderna, which was a teaching center that existed at the beginning of the 20th century in Catalonia with the essential objective of educating the working class in a rationalist, secular and non-coercive way, but rather supportive, with a mixed, anti-clerical teaching. and favorable to workers' demands, where boys and girls had unusual freedom, exercises, games and recreation were carried out in the open air, insisted on the balance with the natural environment and with the environment, personal and social hygiene, there were no exams, no prizes, no punishments, extending it to the families of the students who collaborated with the teachers, where teaching was not a faith but a confidence in the future founded on solid knowledge.




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