Tras la lluvia literaria

tras la lluvia literaria

I ask a historical novel to transport me to an attractive time, to a past that has wise ingredients that know how to attract my attention. The forbidden books workshop recreates the key moment for the evolution of literature; How was I going to get away from such a story? Eduardo Roca gives us a wonderful portrait of the 15th century Colony. So much so that I, who don't know the city, have walked its streets, visited its excellent cathedral and have glimpsed many of the corners that make a town something special. The physical recreation is as precise as it is lavish and acts as an intelligent complement to help us locate ourselves at the right time and place. On the other hand, the author's careful style allows us to advance through the pages of the book with exquisite and absolute taste.

Despite the successful setting, thanks to which one feels like one more inhabitant of the city, it is the protagonists who bear the weight of the plot and my applause as a reader. I highlight, above all, the great realism that accompanies their profiles: beyond social or ethical categories, they all experience the natural and innate evolution that any human being enjoys during life. Although the personalities remain unchanged, we appreciate subtle changes that enliven the characters, that give them color and texture, that mold them until they acquire a form that seems real, endearing, singular to us. Two protagonists in particular, whose names I will not reveal, I will always remember with a smile and a certain blush on my cheeks; I have suffered so much with them, so much have they earned my eternal affection...

The historical novel is my favorite genre because it quenches my thirst for knowledge and allows me to live unique adventures. Likewise, he knows how to surprise me with intense and tender love relationships, with political intrigues of high ecclesiastical representatives, and also with the social remorse that delving into the past and witnessing gruesome and unfair scenes causes me. In The Workshop of Forbidden Books I have found all of the above and much more. As you can see, then, it is easy to deduce that it is a novel that I recommend you take into account if the synopsis appeals to you, because it fulfills what was promised and still far exceeds it.


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