El libro olvidado

el libro olvidado

Andrés Vidal proves to be an exceptional writer: he is capable of recounting the entire lives of the protagonists in the purest style of "The Pillars of the Earth". But with the exception that "El sueño de la ciudad" offers an agile and fluid reading, where you never find it hard to read it, since there are no endless descriptions, and everything it tells you is for a reason. There are no empty words.

The leading couple deserves a small mention. I already said in a previous review that I am always very critical of the female characters because of their attitude. Well Laura has not disappointed me. She breaks the mold with her attitude, way ahead of her time. I think the author has molded her personality in a very successful way. On the other hand, Dimas is just as well defined as Laura, but in this case, it is he who undergoes a series of different evolutions throughout the book. And not all of them are good, which gives it a point of mysterious magnetism.

However, to be entirely fair, the greatness of the book is also the work of the minor characters. We see all the virtues and sins represented in a long list of characters that appear on the pages. And, mention aside, there is Gaudí. Unique and unrepeatable.

I really would not like to tell any details of the book, because it deserves to be read with all possible innocence. Every detail, every turn, every situation, has to be properly savored at the right moment.



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